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IWC Night Shooting on the SIHHDuring the SIHH in Geneva last January, I was invited by IWC for their IWC Night Shooting event. Along with a few colleague journalists we had full accessibility to the IWC booth, all accessories as well as a hand filled with IWC replica watches. Around 7pm, (when most guests are leaving the venue) we are welcomed because of the people of IWC. The decorated booth breathes aviation that has a Spitfire mounted on the ceiling and all aviation props. As you enter a filmset! After a drink and also a quick introduction tour, we kick off inside the boardroom that was modelled such as the interior of the private plane.After our look-around and quick investigation the things i can use, I did enough inspiration for the shoot. First, I took some shots on the IWC Pilot's Watch Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month Spitfire, and pictured it along with, or better said in-between the large cylinder heads with the Merlin V1650 Rolls-Royce Spitfire engine which was on show. The engine is very large and it's really difficult to suppose it fits in the airplane such as the Spitfire. Moving along towards the center of the stand; a beautifully decorated and comfortable lounge area. breitling uk price list watches Grabbing a few of the Davidoff cigars with IWC strap to mix with a few carafes on the table. Time for the IWC Pilot's Double Chronograph Antoine de Saint Exupery Edition to pose: the tobacco brown dial and matching calfskin strap by Santoni, mix perfectly well using the Davidoff cigars fake watches . This watch can be a special of 1.000 pieces only. hublot rubber strap watches For the next shoot find our way to the presentation room. Here, a large wall with cabinets, displays several aviation costumes and pilots hats. Perfect location for the Big Pilot's Heritage Watch. We've already posted this photo on Instagram before. Ensure you follow us there for the dose of daily watch photos! The heritage watch comes in a huge 55mm and also a somewhat smaller 48mm version. Both available as special edition only, with 250 bits of the 55mm version and 1000 bits of the 48mm version.Back to the boardroom for some more pictures. Inside the airplane-like boardroom, we used an original leather jacket from Top Gun for some last shots. The IWC Pilot's Watch Timezoner Chronograph is set to a new time zone. Just push the bezel and rotate it left (or right) and the time will automatically change while rotating. This way you can actually see the time in another city somewhere around the world.In the long run we an enjoyable experience and even thank the great people at IWC who were involved in organizing this great event. It was the best way to have the opportunity to shoot pictures without a lack of time along with a relaxed atmosphere. We're eager for next years event! replica accurist all terrain watches
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